About Me


I was born in Mexico, raised in Agua Prieta, a border town just a step away from the United States. Being raised with a border culture has allowed me to enjoy the best of both worlds and strengthen ties with people on both sides. 

I recently graduated from college in Arizona with an Associate's Degree in Communications. My plans are to pursue a career in Acting and Filmmaking, but I am currently a performer and digital artist working on my photography and independent short films. 

Some of my photographs were published by Yes! Magazine in the article "Border Wall Trumped by Art and Community". I am also an English-Spanish interpreter, and I have done work for organizations such as Alight (American Refugee Committee) and CAME (Migrant Shelter).

 I am a member and co-founder of a group of women artists from Sonora and Arizona called "Las Fronterizas," where I participate as a creator, interpreter, coordinator, performer, and digital artist.

My Work

My eye is continuously evolving. Three years ago, I paid attention to my surroundings, but now, I care about them. How can a stare, an instant, or an object carry so many stories?

My goal is to share those stories and represent realities while creating untold narratives about the world through my eye, lens, and mind—the outcome is an image that can spark curiosity and a conversation


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